Apogii Packages

Benefit from our specially selected combination packages featuring our most popular, and effective, treatments to revitalise,
rejuvenate and pep you up! Contact us or book online today!



This is a perfect package to tone, tighten and sculpt your face and body!

90 min | MZ Iconic Facial
30 min | Accent Prime Skin Tightening Body
3 min | Cryotherapy



Perfect for detoxifying immune system and minimising water retention in the body leaving the skin smooth and conditioned.

30 min | Infrared Sauna
75 min | Guam Drainage Mud Wrap
60 min | Manual Lymphatic Drainage



Purely relaxing and pampering package to show yourself love and care you deserve!

30 min | Infrared Sauna
60 min | Bespoke Body Massage
90 min | Mauli Facial



Combined treatments to release the body from muscle tension and repair from injures.

45 min | Infrared Sauna
60 min | Deep Tissue Massage
3 min | Cryotherapy



A package to help you reboot body & mind by letting go of the old and bringing in the new you!

30 min | Full Body Exfoliation
60 min | CBD Oil Bespoke Body Massage
60 min | Bioeffect Facial



A lush package of treatments that will rejuvenate and nourish the skin leaving your face and body glowing. A perfect pre-party package.

3 min | Cryotherapy
30 min | Full Body Exfoliation
75 min | Aquagold Facial