Apogii Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

Apogii Anti-Aging Facial

We are pleased to offer one of the best advanced iS Clinical facials in London at our clinic in Notting Hill. Contact us with any questions or book online now!

Apogii Anti-Aging Facial

A luxurious facial using iS CLinical® YOUTH products, combined with Accent Prime, a      non-surgical skin tightening device, and a LED light. Designed to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen production, increasing the circulation and firmness of the skin. Hydrates, smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

iS CLinical® products are designed for skin optimisation and formulated with pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients that work to delay the visible effects of aging to maintain a youthful glow. Youth range combine a next-generation clinically proven blend of pharma grade active ingredients. YOUTH SERUM is formulated with copper tri peptide-1 growth factor to safely and effectively rebuild lost collagen, reduce fine lines & wrinkles & instantly firm and smooth. Extremozyme® technology, combined with a powerful blend of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, E, and Centella Asiatica, encourages cellular health and provide UV photoprotection and DNA repair to give immediate and long term results. 

75 min | £270