LED Bed Therapy at Apogii Clinic Notting Hill

Led Bed

LightStim® LED Bed Therapy

LightStim® LED Bed is a soothing, natural and non-invasive treatment that promotes total body wellness and peak physiological function by utilizing the power of LightStim MulitWave® Patented Technology.

LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology enables emission of multiple wavelengths (colours) of light simultaneously for dramatically greater results in significantly shorter treatment time.

Our LED Bed Options

We are pleased to offer a range of full body LED therapy packages at our clinic in Notting Hill. Contact us with any questions or book online now!

LightStim® Led Bed

1 session
5 sessions
10 sessions
40 min | £80

What is LED and how does LED Light Therapy Works:

LEDS stands for Light Emitting Diode which is a tiny computer chip encased in glass. Each LED wavelength of light which includes Amber, Deep Red, Light Red or Infrared light provides unique therapeutic benefits. It is engineered to emits a sooting, gentle warmth.

Like photosynthesis, whereby plants absorb and convert sunlight into energy they can use to grow and thrive, human skin and body tissue work in the same way to absorb therapeutic light emitted by LEDs and use it as a source of energy to stimulate the body’s natural restorative processes. LightStim emits UV-free beneficial light rays that can help reduce and eliminate fine lines wrinkles and assist the body in its inherent pain-relieving process.

What is LED Light Therapy good for:

It increase local blood flow circulation so the body can naturally relieve pain and promote total wellness. It is an excellent for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, arthritic pain or muscle spasm, increase in local blood circulation and relaxation of muscles.

Requires no recovery time and is good for all skin types.