Dermapen Treatments

Dermapen Treatments

We are pleased to offer advanced Dermapen treatments at our clinic in Notting Hill. Contact us with any questions or book online now!

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An innovative micro needling treatment that is more precise than the traditional derma roller as it preserves the epidermis and offers adjustable needle depths to treat a variety of skin conditions. With its unique design, the Dermapen™ easily and precisely targets hard to reach areas, such as around the eyes, nose and upper lip making the treatment effective and safe.

The pen is glided over the skin while inserting tiny needles into the skin leaving vertical, microscopic punctures. These tiny punctures stimulate the body’s wound healing response and encourage the body to renew, repair and rejuvenate the skin cells in that area. While the body repairs the skin, the natural growth factors are released to produce more elastin and collagen leaving the skin plumped up.

This is an effective form of rejuvenation, tackling scarring, such as acne scars or stretch marks, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

The treatment is minimally invasive with minimal downtime.

Face + Decollete
Scars / Stretch Marks
45 min | £230
60 min | £300
15 min | from £60