Cryotherapy at Apogii Clinic Notting Hill

We are proud to present London’s most advanced and superior whole body cryotherapy at -110ºC.

Used by elite athletes and hailed as the ultimate in total body and mind rejuvenation, the Apogii Icelab is a twin-room chamber for an intense three minute adrenaline hit to supercharge your current health and workout programme.

From immune boosting, recovery and stress management to improved energy levels and sleep patterns, this will become the one treatment you can’t get enough of. Backed by science and used for centuries, cryotherapy encourages regeneration at a cellular level as the body heals and rejuvenates from within. Perfect for a pre-workout treatment as the increase in oxygen will aid performance while post-workout, the recovery properties will stimulate recovery and healing.

Just three minutes will release endorphins, get the blood pumping, boost the metabolism, and will leave you coming back for more!

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Our Cryo Options

We are pleased to offer a range cryotherapy options at our clinic in Notting Hill. Our medical grade cryo chamber is a full body walk in chamber and can host up to four people at a time. Contact us with any questions or book online now!

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What is whole body cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is a treatment where your body gets exposed to -110°C for 3 minutes. The principle behind WBC has existed for centuries: It’s the act of willingly exposing the body to extreme cold, sub-zero temperatures. Studies and research have repeatedly shown that exposure to cold can strengthen our immune systems and trigger the body to increase its natural healing potentials.

Our Whole Body Cryo by Zimmer is a professional elite sport level, twin-room chamber that offers the most advanced and superior therapy. The key to delivering maximum therapy is to take the skin on the body down to an even 5º as quickly, as comfortably and as safely as possible. Once this is achieved a physiological effect called thermic shock occurs and the therapy begins.

Just 3 minutes at -110°C helps to reset the whole body and you emerge feeling both relaxed and stimulated.

Our twin-room chamber system is set to two different temperatures, -60°C and -110°C which allows body to gradually adjust to the cold environment. During the session you will wear headband, face mask, gloves socks, shoes, sports bottoms and sports bra where applicable. The uniform is provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Why twin-room chamber cryotherapy?

To really enjoy maximum benefits of Cryotherapy specific criterion must be met. At Apogii you can both see and feel the difference compared to other devices:

  • The temperature within the inner therapy chamber is even and controlled temperature, recording an accurate -100ºC minimum, since that’s the acknowledged threshold to trigger thermic shock. We always make sure the inner chamber is a constant -110ºC.
  • The twin chamber design guarantees that the temperature does not dip as the door is opened continually. The pre-room, where you acclimatise to the cold, is maintained at -60ºC. Only this room opens up to the therapy room and protects the core temperature of -110ºC.
  • The air is delivered with superior fan assisted air flow control, using specialised fans able to withstand extreme temperatures. Consequently, the air inside is constantly circulated and cooled and provides an even temperature. No hot or warm spots.
  • The device is electrically fueled to ensure the cold air within the chamber is dry, not wet. There is a huge difference between both the therapy and experience in a dry chamber, combined to a wet one. The skin drops evenly and quicker when the cold air is dry.
  • Head and whole body submerged. For full Thermic shock to occur the head must be included in the therapy.
  • Space: Our chamber can comfortably and easily hold up to 4 people at any one time. There is room to move, to walk or to do gentle stretching exercises to make the therapy pleasant and well tolerated.
  • Heat extracted is used elsewhere to maximise energy efficiency and Eco sustainability.

What happens to your body when experiences -110°C in our Whole Body Cryo Chamber?

  • Nerve endings in your skin (cold receptors) alert your brain of extreme conditions and a physiological effect occurs for protection: Thermic Shock.
  • Blood retreats from the extremities (protected by gloves, headband, face mask, socks and shoes within the chamber) and is diverted to your core to protect your vital organs. Blood begins to flow faster, and your blood temperature may rise up to 40°C.
  • Your body pumps hormones and enzymes into the bloodstream in order to promote recovery.
  • Cooling air to sub-zero temperatures is proven in physics to reduce oxygen molecules by 33%. The chamber is still full of air, but there is more Oxygen in the room. As you breath, you take in more energy and life-giving oxygen.
  • The oxygen level in your blood increases because of the oxygen-rich environment in the chamber. Nutrient and oxygen-rich blood encourages recovery and regeneration at a cellular level and the body heals and rejuvenates from within.
  • The freezing temperature effectively combats viruses in our blood, as with flu etc.
  • The most common side effects of any type of cryotherapy are numbness, tingling, redness, and irritation of the skin. These side effects are almost always temporary. Make an appointment with your doctor if they don’t resolve within 24 hours. In extreme cases, people with skin sensitivity can cause integumentary damage (including frostbite).

Benefits of Cryotherapy

There are numerous benefits that cryotherapy delivers but below are the most common:

  • RELIEVES MUSCLE PAIN: The regenerative and recovery properties of the therapy help the body heal and stimulate recovery after excessive workouts or physical activity.
  • ANTI-INFLAMATORY: Cryotherapy tones and tightens the Vagus nerve. This nerve is responsible for reducing inflammation in the body and works to increase communication between the brain and every major organ. A toned nerve will ensure communication is optimized with accurate, important messages reaching the brain for quicker effect.
  • INCREASED ENERGY: Increased oxygen will enable increased energy levels and helps to achieve more optimum results when session is done before work out or physical activity.
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM: Quicker flowing blood with increased oxygen has a powerful detox effect and will help boost the immune system.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Because Cryo removes inflammation and increases the delivery of nutrients, it helps repair and regenerate as well as helping to reduce swelling. It can have a potent effect as a pain relief therapy.
  • CLARITY, FOCUS, BETTER SLEEP: As the blood flows quicker from extremities to the core, it is re-filtered and receives additional nutrients from the air in the chamber. This helps remove brain fog, increases clarity and stimulates the flow of feel-good hormones. Increased serotonin and melatonin help regulate body rhythms and sleep patterns.
  • REDUCES SIGNS OF AGEING: Collagen and Elastin production in the skin reacts positively to the increased oxygen and nutrients from the re-filtered, fast flowing blood circulating in the body.
  • AIDS WEIGHT LOSS: Body fat converts from white fat (the stubborn type we get in later life) to brown fat (the type we have pre-puberty which is broken down and metabolized quicker). Consequently, we can help slim and change body shape which is further enhanced if we follow Cryo therapy with exercise.