We are proud to present London’s most advanced and superior whole body cryotherapy at -110 degrees.

Used by elite athletes and hailed as the ultimate in total body and mind rejuvenation, the Apogii Icelab is a twin-room chamber for an intense three minute adrenaline hit to supercharge your current health and workout programme.

From immune boosting, recovery and stress management to improved energy levels and sleep patterns, this will become the one treatment you can’t get enough of. Backed by science and used for centuries, cryotherapy encourages regeneration at a cellular level as the body heals and rejuvenates from within. Perfect for a pre-workout treatment as the increase in oxygen will aid performance while post-workout, the recovery properties will stimulate recovery and healing.

Just three minutes will release endorphins, get the blood pumping, boost the metabolism, and will leave you coming back for more.